About us

Why we created CherryGO?

We believe that we can always live a little healthier and safer. We also believe that hightech solutions can help us achieve this goal. This is exactly why in 2018 we created CHERRISK, our fast, simple and modern insurance platform. We help CHERRISK-community members to live a safer life through games and apps.

We felt that the time has come to provide daily motivation not only to the members of CHERRISK, but to others as well. Therefore, we created the CherryGO app, which rewards people for being active but also safe. The idea from the beginning was to be more than just an insurance: with the help of our partners and the goodies they offer we believe we can reach an even wider audience thus helping even more people better their lives.

We see more and more people being open to this idea, some require a bit of extra motivation. With the help of CherryGo, we turn seemingly difficult tasks into joy and fun.